[{"title":"Elhaida will represent Albania in Eurovision 2015","date":"February 28, 2015","content":"After winning the 53rd Festival of Albanian Songs, Elhaida got the right to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest<\/a> - Vienna 2015.\r\n<\/br>After an exciting night of entertainment, the jury decided that Elhaida will fly to Vienna with her ballad Diell, <\/em>composed by Aldo Shllaku, with the lyrics written by Viola Trebicka and Sokol Marsi.\r\nEurovision will take place in Vienna - Stadhalle, May 18-23, 2015.\r\n<\/br>\r\n>> Performance at the Final of FIK 2014\r\n<\/a>\r\n
\t<\/div>\r\n<\/br><\/br>","permalink":"http:\/\/elhaidadani93.com\/news\/elhaida-in-eurovision\/","image":"http:\/\/elhaidadani93.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/02\/MG_2986_LOW_QUAD.jpg","isLast":true},{"title":"Elhaida in the Jury of Chance – Agon Channel","date":"February 13, 2015","content":"Elhaida has been called to be part of the jury of Chance, the new talent show broadcasted by Agon Channel.\r\n\r\nElhaida will share this experience with Martina Stella and Vincenzo Esposito, star of the TV Series \"Gomorra\".\r\n