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  • quadrato_collaborazione
    December 30, 2015

    New cooperation with the App “Where’s up”

    Elhaida and Where’s up together to allow the fans find and follow Elhaida’s Concerts from everywhere.

    Download the App (available on Google play and App Store) and find all the most interesting events around you and follow the Artist you love!

    You can also support Elhaida’s Live through the new Crowdfunding Live function: do you love the Concert of your favorite singer? Become a supporter and help her to realize her professional project!

    >> Follow and support the New Year’s Eve Concert: Colori in una notte


  • Concerto Elhaida Jessie J
    December 12, 2015

    New Year’s Eve 2016

    Elhaida has been invited from the Pordenone (Italy) Municipality to be the Guest Star in the New Year’s Eve  Celebrations.
    She will perform live from 22:00 to midnight together with her band  in the city’s main square in front of several thousand people.

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